Hi, my name is Anna and I love dancing: at home, in the dancing school,  on the street, at the party. You too? I am happy that we found each other since it’s a purpose of Lifeindance project.

I dance 6 years and I had been learning dancing styles in 5 different countries. Once I decided to share my experience and to find other people who see the life in movement. Lifeindance is a personal diary where I tell about the brightest moments of my life. I am very curious to know about your experience as well. Where are you from, which style do you dance, where would like to perform and who inspires you?

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In the category "Workshops"  there is everything about my dance experiences: advices of talented choreographers, notes from classes and overview of dancing styles.  Rubric "Dance & Arts"  contain movie, concert and exhibition reviews. Dance events are covered in “Dance news” category.

In addition there is "Travel" category that discloses culture and traditions of different countries through dances.  You will find out where to watch the best flamenco in Spain, how zumba is taught in Mexico and what is the difference between schools of classic dance in Italy.

Are you ready for performance? You will find the tips on how to create an image and find a perfect costume in category „Fashion“.

Lifeindance is about my vision of the world and I see it through the dance prism.