Before the Christmas I always wake up from the winter sleep. Despite the day is short and there is almost no sun, the anticipation of magic energizes me. Garlands in the shape of dears appear on the streets, shop windows are especially attractive and in the office, our French colleague treats the team with special gingerbread. However, the main Christmas event at work is Xmas party with our already traditional dance performance.

Thanks to irresistible enthusiasm and fantasy of our choreographer Dorota, this year we have created a show a show about modern princesses and knights. The audience saw a combination of romance, feminism, and humor with “Game of Thrones” soundtrack playing in the background. I was slightly envious of the dresses of girls playing princesses, which they borrowed in a theater. My performance was in the last part, where we all turned to Xenas. In the costume with a red mantle, I couldn’t wait for my two minutes of fame.  Every move, sharp or smooth, flowed one into other, and I watched in the eyes of hundreds of people at the same time.

Adrenaline, childish happiness and feeling of a strong connection with everybody on the stage is only a part of what I was feeling on the stage. We divided in couples, reunited again and finally dissolved in a salute from glitter. The photos tell everything else. I will only add that feeling a princess, during a dance or at the party, is a true delight. 


The day when you left I stopped dancing”. When the main character pronounces this phrase its ending sounds like “I stopped living””.

The last dance” is the film of Patrick Swayze, in which he also plays one of the main roles. The movie tells about three dancers coming back to the troupe after 7 years break.

The plot, however, serves more as a background than as a basis of the film. All the feelings: the pain of loss, uncertainty, fear that it’s too late are shown in the movements. Characters talk little, but t’s a pleasure to quote them:

Use the steps instead of words. Write a book. Tell it all in the movements,” – Max explains a dance to his students. “What comes first, feelings or movements?” – his question, remained without an answer.

Step by step the dancers are remembering who they were and whom they dreamt to become. Their dream resurges and comes true thanks to the passion, inspiration and team spirit.




Krissa doubts whether she wants to come back. Bad experience affects her perception of the dances. She believes that it might be harmful, even dangerous, but in the end she realizes:

Everything that was important for me I left behind with that dancing girl. But today…I have realized that there is something that cannot be killed. So does it make sense to afraid of?”

The final dance is the one that brings harmony. The characters act as if they are connected but everyone remains him or herself.

The movie leaves an impression of dancing spectacle in a theater. Swayze has succeed in creating a feeling that you watch everything behind the scenes, where the heroes are dancing their not last dance.