Recently I was lucky to attend a class of Eddie Stockton, a choreographer from New-York. Each dance teacher has its own rules and Eddie has surprised me from the beginning when he offered me to come to the front row (normally all newcomers have to go to the back). Thanks to that I haven’t missed any move; but Eddie has taught something even more important than choreography: he has explained how to absorb information during dance-lessons. The body has its own memory and Eddie has helped to activate it. I would like to share some basic rules with you here. But before let's see the perfomance of Eddie's students:



Rule 1 Don’t trust anybody in the room. You may trust only a teacher and still have to be careful. Don’t’ follow others, they make mistakes and you will repeat them. It might be even that others are already watching you and waiting for tips. That’s why fully concentrate on the moves: count, listen to music and you will get it. When you have done the move once, it will not seem hard anymore.

Rule 2 Repeat the moves. Three-five-ten times. Watching is not an effective tool for learning dancing. It is not possible to learn the move before you have tried it. Make mistakes! Anyway it is better to do wrong than not to do at all. In the end each mistake brings you closer to a moment of success.

Rule3 Don’t memorize each move separately, search for the logic. There is always a certain pattern in the sets. Try to catch it: count and think carefully about the following moves. In other words, start with the brain, then the body will work.

Finally I would like to give an advice based on my personal experience. When in the end of the lesson I was doing a set last time I was very happy that finally all the moves worked out. Full of expectations I was watching Eddie, but he has replied me with critics. It might be that he was distracted while I was dancing but he for sure has seen the ending. So he has seen when I almost fell down when the music stopped playing. Inaccurate ending was a reason why I haven’t manage to impress my teacher. Ok I will do it in the next class for sure. Since you know the rules already you are likely to succeed from the first attempt!