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About 30 years ago Alberto Perez from Columbia came to give aerobics class. All the students were ready  to start when he realized that forgot that he has forgotten to bring the music.  Alberto ran back to his car an took all the cassettes he found. It was merengue and bachata music and everybody was enjoying the music. This day became a birthday of zumba. In the end of 90th videos with zumba lessons were already popular in the United States, more than 100 choreographers offered private lessons. In the last 10 years zumba became  a trend in Russia as well: it brings energy of the sun that we miss so much in Russia and is also very effective to lose some kilos.

I was lucky to dance zumba for the first time in the part of the world where it was born: in Latin America. Sanguine Mexican girl was combining the movements from salsa, jazz, belly dance and even Russian cancan. The class reminded me a beach party. Pass-bugers were watching through the huge glasses. If I was dancing something else I would likely feel embarrassed. Learning zumba however made me feel so happy that I wanted to share positive emotions with everybody.